HolidayLet Services, together with GUARDHOG, have specifically designed insurance to cover hosts when they have paying guests to stay. GUARDHOG is underwritten by Hiscox Limited, a global insurer with an A+ rating by Fitch.

The GUARDHOG insurance policy is designed to dovetail with your existing home and contents insurance. Please read the insurance documents carefully so you understand what this policy provides, as well as the limitations and exclusions.

he Sharing Economy is a fast growing trend that allows people to share property, resources, time and skills through online platforms, unlocking previously unused, or under-used assets.

Globally the sharing economy is worth £96bn, set to rise to £230bn by 2025

Why does my home insurance not cover me for home swapping?

Under a standard home insurance policy, you are not allowed to use your home for commercial activities. Having paying guests to stay, in which you are making money or trading services, is classified as a commercial activity thereby invalidating your insurance.

Can’t I use Landlords insurance?

You can if you want to but it’ll be very expensive because a Landlords policy covers you all year round but you’re probably not hosting guests all year round. What is more, current Landlord policies are not tailored to the home-sharing market and therefore do not necessarily offer the level of coverage GuardHog can.

So why is this area so difficult to insure?

Despite its phenomenal growth, the sharing economy is still relatively new to insurers. They have little or no expertise in the sector, they have little or no data to work from and by nature the insurance industry is naturally conservative.

So why is it so difficult to get cover?

Having paying guests to stay exposes hosts to additional risks like public liability e.g. who pays up if a guest trips over a loose carpet at the top of the stairs?

So what do I have to do?

  • Check to see if you’re covered for renting your home to paying guests.
  • Make sure you are fully protected (accidental, malicious damage, theft etc.) in case of incident to your home (buildings), to your personal possessions (contents) and importantly, liability.